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Fall Wedding Trends

As September rounds third base, we’re officially at the height of fall wedding season. Take full advantage of New England in the fall and incorporate these trends into your own wedding!

Comfort foods, with a gourmet twist.

Have you ever attended a wedding, and felt hesitant taking a passed hors d’oeuvre because you simply didn’t know what it was? We hear you! Try spoiling your guests with some good old-fashioned comfort food, with a gourmet twist! Dungeness crab mac and cheese sounds like heaven on a crisp autumn day. Also, consider fried mac n’ cheese balls as a passed hors d’oeuvre during cocktail hour (bonus points if you add bacon!).

We’re OVER pumpkin spice.

But, we’re completely down with apple spice.

As soon a mid-August hits, your favorite coffee shop starts selling pumpkin spice lattes. We recommend giving your guests a break from the pumpkin spice craze they see every day by offering a warm apple cider station. Add some cinnamon sticks, orange slices, and cider donuts to make it extra Instagram worthy.

One more reason to party S’more.

Nothing will bring out the little kid in your guests like making s’mores. Stock your s’more bar with sea-salt dark chocolate, peanut butter cups, and Nutella to give your guests a twist on a classic campfire treat.

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